Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Vibes: Beirut - Elephant Gun

I came across this band 3 years ago, lost their album but found it just recently. Props for that eh? The bandleader, Zach Cordon is from New Mexico who hasn't been to Beirut (Lebanon's capital) or to the Balkans, where bohemian, gypsy folk sound is widely eminent. Yet his rich, mature, and tremulous voice with that backdrop of waltzing accordions and brass, rustic percussion, quirky-plucked strings and energetic piano, stirs you into a dramatic dance far away from Northern America and into the heart of Southeastern Europe or... France for that matter.

I could just imagine myself delightfully waking up off the French coast in a yacht I never knew I owned! LOL. And oh, don't you just love the fact that the video is detailedly odd yet entirely charming?

This man surely knows how to tug at your heartstrings. And he's only 21!

Visit www.beirutband.com to learn more about them and get free downloads.


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