Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Vibes: Vivez la langue

J'aime la video!!! deliciously french everything even falling in love ---- oooh la la I could play this all day. And it brought me back to the days when I was living the language myself. A few years ago, Pauline our french friend on the island taught us a thing or two about the french language. Once a week we were swooned as our tongues rolled with the accent. Once a week the unconventional class of island girls (later on with one boy --- Pauline's boyfriend) were filled with good food and laughter. Everyday we tried to squeeze french sentences in between conversations. And there was one question I will never forget from that class and it goes something like this 'voulez-vous allez a la plage avec moi?'
Well, shall we?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Vibes: Eardrums Pop

EARDRUMS POP! A new discovery which i'd like to share to all the music-lovers out there. Props to Joan Pablo for introducing me to this site. I simply ♥ it!

Eardrums Pop is a net-label which started out in 2008 as part of the Eardrums music blog. It is composed of 4 people (Knut, Stefan, Leena & Tim) drawn together for the love of beautiful things you can see and hear, belief of helping each other and getting good music and good art out into the public - for free.

The EardrumsPop musicians, illustrators, painters and poets create a digital album together through collaborations with fellow musicians, illustrators, painters and poets. And the result? A free download! Which are of course only available digitally since no CDs will be printed for these and no money is involved for any parts of the project. Simply go to the 'Release' tab to download the singles or compilations of each artist.

We can all help by spreading the word about these wonderful artists, visiting the websites of the bands you like, buy their records or go to their concerts, promote the label through your blogs or in forums, or even donating to a charity of your choice to pay for their compilations.

Let's all do something good today and spread the good vibes. Happy listening everyone! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

beyond that sunset

Just Beyond the Sunset by David Harris

Just beyond the sunset
Someone waits for me
Just beyond the sunset
Lies my destiny

Where the purple mountains
Lie in deep tranquillity
There I’ll find the treasure
Of love eternally

Just beyond the sunset
Waits someone so fair
Just beyond the sunset
All alone they wait there

Their hair is golden
The colour of the sand
Their eyes sparkle in the night
Like diamonds in your hand

Just beyond the sunset
Lies a home for me
Where the world is peaceful
Like a paradise should be

Just beyond the sunset
Someday is where you’ll find me

*Sunset watching from Zambales beach :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Colors of Fun

Ahh... The annual Boracay International Funboard Cup.

Where the kites are as colorful

And the vibe
as good as the jumps.
Congratulations to all the participants and winners!


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