Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday by the River

We love our beach. But when summer is at its peak and the crowd grows heavy, we want nothing more than our own little piece of quiet. So off we go to the mainland, escape to one of our favorite hideaways, to dip our feet in the river and let our Sunday sweetly roll by.

Our lovely hosts Nina, Chabeli and Binggoy
It's cooking time! Vegetable curry Indonesian style... 
and our favorite Tuna Sisig!

Bahay kubo, kahit munti...
With lovely open spaces, and comfy daybeds too.
Our little pirate - check out her cool ship!
Island family ~ Nins, Chabeli & Coffee
Lounging in cool clear waters...
Sunday slowdown
We hope your Sunday was fun too!

Love and good vibes,
Isla Boheme

Monday, June 18, 2012

"Good Food... Good Feeling!"

True to their tagline, Ti Braz gave the island family happy tummies and a reason to get together when they opened their Bulabog branch last week.

Everyone was treated to free crepes and drinks while one our favorite DJ put us all in the perfect groove for a little dance, chit chat and of course drinking!

Thanks again Ti Braz for a lovely afternoon! It's definitely a good feeling to know that our favorite island crepes are now, a fewer steps away. :)

1. Chocnut crepe with vanilla ice cream and fudge 2. Djila and Whisky (the birthday dog that day!) 3. Isla Boheme girls waiting for our crepe 4. The sign says it all.

A convention of 1: Dogs and 4: Boys :)  2. Look at all the free crepes! 3. Banana Nutella yum!

How good crepes are made. :)


Oh yeah, the food trip didn't end there. We checked out the new Korean canteen called "All In" for a nice bowl of Bibimbap and Bulgogi. Yummy too!

Can you guess what song the lyrics on the wall are from? :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sundays are Back!

We love Sundays. It's the one day when most of our friends are free from work so it's always an occasion to get together and gather around the kitchen, dining table and in this case, the billiard table. We haven't had a Sunday like this in a long time, but since it's Habagat season and things are a bit more chill and steady, we welcomed it back with open arms and homemade cinnamon rolls! :)

1. Bacs, Pebbles and Lei 2.Yummy Onion and Squash Pasta 3. DIY Japanese Spring Rolls 4. Stacey, Lei and Baby Rio

Oh Rio, Rio, Rio! That ball is about to teach you a lesson.

But you're so cute, even when you're crying. 



Melon green tea with oranges and mint <3

What's Sunday without a little play? Below: Team Aiza and Nicole vs. Team Lei & Denise
Have a happy, yummy and playful Sunday! :) 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello Habagat!

There are countless things we love about Habagat. The way it dramatically changes the seascape, or how the afternoon sky wraps everything in blue light. It's the time when wind breakers are boarded up along the White Beach and when the last of the summer crowd has gone. It's a special period when locals find themselves with less work and more time ~ time to get together and watch a different kind of sunset. And as we say hello to Habagat, it's also the time we say our goodbyes and see you laters to friends who've become family. There's something about the island monsoon that moves people to travel or leave the island. This season has always been about transitions... in fact we at Isla Boheme all arrived sometime during Habagat, one after the other.

Last Saturday, we had our first Habagat party at our favorite beach shack. It was a beautiful get together to welcome the change of season and to bid some friends farewell as they embark on other adventures. To Eddie, Kaz and Clara, we wish you happy trails! :)

Bringing life to the party! lovely ladies Mo Ching, Chit, Tza and Blossom
Meet the Astronauts! Alia and daddy Roldan :)
That beautiful Habagat sunset
No cries from Alia can stop us from taking her photos! 

Adorable Rio!

Enjoy Bali, Clara! 

Everybody loves Eddie. We'll miss you brown boy! Come home soon.  

Safe and happy travels Kaz and Eddie! 
Love and good vibes,
Isla Boheme


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