Friday, May 25, 2012

The Isla Boheme Guide to Boracay Postcards!

About 2 years ago, the girls and I decided to have fun and create a friendly little reminder for tourists coming to the island. We called it the Isla Boheme Guide to Boracay, which you will see in this post.

Readers, friends and family liked it so much that we decided to produce them into postcards! Of course it took us 2 years to realize this and actually produce it, but now it's here! We've also updated the trike rates, tweaked some of the illustrations and added one more tip!  :)

Instead of sand and seashells, why not take these postcards that were made-with-love as your souvenirs? It would be helpful to both tourists and island residents too!

Available at your friendly island shops and resorts... soon! :)

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