Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Vibes: Vivez la langue

J'aime la video!!! deliciously french everything even falling in love ---- oooh la la I could play this all day. And it brought me back to the days when I was living the language myself. A few years ago, Pauline our french friend on the island taught us a thing or two about the french language. Once a week we were swooned as our tongues rolled with the accent. Once a week the unconventional class of island girls (later on with one boy --- Pauline's boyfriend) were filled with good food and laughter. Everyday we tried to squeeze french sentences in between conversations. And there was one question I will never forget from that class and it goes something like this 'voulez-vous allez a la plage avec moi?'
Well, shall we?


  1. awwee... j'adore! super kilig ako ♥ merci beaucoup jof! :)

  2. Nice! Pretty video with pretty girls and a pretty boy! hihi! gawa tayo girls, boracaynon version. :P



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