Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello Habagat!

There are countless things we love about Habagat. The way it dramatically changes the seascape, or how the afternoon sky wraps everything in blue light. It's the time when wind breakers are boarded up along the White Beach and when the last of the summer crowd has gone. It's a special period when locals find themselves with less work and more time ~ time to get together and watch a different kind of sunset. And as we say hello to Habagat, it's also the time we say our goodbyes and see you laters to friends who've become family. There's something about the island monsoon that moves people to travel or leave the island. This season has always been about transitions... in fact we at Isla Boheme all arrived sometime during Habagat, one after the other.

Last Saturday, we had our first Habagat party at our favorite beach shack. It was a beautiful get together to welcome the change of season and to bid some friends farewell as they embark on other adventures. To Eddie, Kaz and Clara, we wish you happy trails! :)

Bringing life to the party! lovely ladies Mo Ching, Chit, Tza and Blossom
Meet the Astronauts! Alia and daddy Roldan :)
That beautiful Habagat sunset
No cries from Alia can stop us from taking her photos! 

Adorable Rio!

Enjoy Bali, Clara! 

Everybody loves Eddie. We'll miss you brown boy! Come home soon.  

Safe and happy travels Kaz and Eddie! 
Love and good vibes,
Isla Boheme

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