Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Vibes: MC Yogi - Give Love (Giving4Living Remix)

MC Yogi - Give Love (Giving4Living Mix) from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

MC Yogi came up with this song and video for which was initiated by the same people who put up Yoga Aid events together gathering yogis and teachers to practice yoga and raise awareness for some charities. This song is about being generous with our selves, the people around us and the entire planet through love. What a catchy reminder of the universal principle of attraction indeed -- what we give is what we get.

So go on, give love today. Creating goodness in the world knows no limit after all.


MC Yogi (aka Nicholas Giacomini) was introduced to yoga through his father when he was eighteen and together joined a meditation intensive with a spiritual teacher in India. This led to a great interest in Eastern mysticism since then, his study and practice of the physical forms of yoga, meditation, philosophy and devotional chanting or bhakti yoga. His knowledge and passion for both yoga and hip-hop music definitely channels a message of peace and spiritual transformation to a whole new generation of yes, modern mystics and urban yogis.

(Visit to find out more about MC Yogi and his free downloads of spiritually charged raps.)

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