Friday, October 23, 2009

Hanging Out: Afternoon Delight




The girls and I can't get enough of Ola's mouth-watering treats. It's nice to sit, hang-out, drink and eat eat eat (and did i say eat?) in this place. Meet Ola's adorable owner and baker Lei Osit and her delightful enthusiasm to feed us her divine specialties.

Happy Girl Ink: What inspired you to start Ola?
Lei Osit: My Mom. It's an extension of ou
r kitchen. Originally it was supposed to be a salad and juice bar because i love juices! But we included food and pastries.
HPI: Favorite juice in the list?
LO: The Morning After: papaya+orange+cucumber best when nursing a hang-over :)
HPI: Why Ola?
LO: It's hawaiian because my name is hawaiian! :) It means healthy or life or alive.
HPI: Baking or cooking?
LO: Baking!
HPI: What's baking now? :)
LO: I'm famous for my carrot, walnut and pineapple cake, the Aloha! And Mahalo a dome cake of banana, pecan nuts and kahlua with a thin layer of light buttermilk frosting
with dessicated coconut.
HPI: Yummy!!! Bestseller?
LO: Tuna Melt Sandwich with Spinach.
HPI: And your ingredients are home-grown...
LO: Yes! From the wheatgrass, to the tarragon for tea, some veggies all came from our backyard.
HPI: Any Halloween Special?
LO: Pumpkin Pie!
HPI: And you're going as?
LO(giggles): Betty from the Flintstones.
HPI: Okay, now let's eat that cake!

Thanks Lei! Ola is located on the ground floor of E-mall in Brgy. Ambulong Station 3, Boracay Island.



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