Monday, June 18, 2012

"Good Food... Good Feeling!"

True to their tagline, Ti Braz gave the island family happy tummies and a reason to get together when they opened their Bulabog branch last week.

Everyone was treated to free crepes and drinks while one our favorite DJ put us all in the perfect groove for a little dance, chit chat and of course drinking!

Thanks again Ti Braz for a lovely afternoon! It's definitely a good feeling to know that our favorite island crepes are now, a fewer steps away. :)

1. Chocnut crepe with vanilla ice cream and fudge 2. Djila and Whisky (the birthday dog that day!) 3. Isla Boheme girls waiting for our crepe 4. The sign says it all.

A convention of 1: Dogs and 4: Boys :)  2. Look at all the free crepes! 3. Banana Nutella yum!

How good crepes are made. :)


Oh yeah, the food trip didn't end there. We checked out the new Korean canteen called "All In" for a nice bowl of Bibimbap and Bulgogi. Yummy too!

Can you guess what song the lyrics on the wall are from? :)

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