Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sundays are Back!

We love Sundays. It's the one day when most of our friends are free from work so it's always an occasion to get together and gather around the kitchen, dining table and in this case, the billiard table. We haven't had a Sunday like this in a long time, but since it's Habagat season and things are a bit more chill and steady, we welcomed it back with open arms and homemade cinnamon rolls! :)

1. Bacs, Pebbles and Lei 2.Yummy Onion and Squash Pasta 3. DIY Japanese Spring Rolls 4. Stacey, Lei and Baby Rio

Oh Rio, Rio, Rio! That ball is about to teach you a lesson.

But you're so cute, even when you're crying. 



Melon green tea with oranges and mint <3

What's Sunday without a little play? Below: Team Aiza and Nicole vs. Team Lei & Denise
Have a happy, yummy and playful Sunday! :) 

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  1. And from across the ocean, a parallel adventuress is in-tuned to your frequency. As long as good vibes are transmitted, here's another free spirit who hears you.




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